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Avicii ◢ ◤ Tim Berg Tribute 

Avicii / Tim Bergling | ◢ ◤ This is my tribute mix to the legendary pioneer we will all remember as AVICII. He was a huge inspiration to me and I will miss seeing him on stage and backstage.   

Andre Saint-Albin [DRE] #DreFM

Andre Saint-Albin #DreFM


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On this week’s episode of Andre Saint-Albin FMDré spins more of the best in urban and dance music, including tracks from Drake, Patrick Automatic, Kendrick Lamar, 50 CENT, Queen and of course exclusive tracks now available for your hearing pleasures on Andre Saint-Albin FM + plus many more! #DreFM


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Andre Saint-Albin is back with another tribute episode on his radio show. This week we have a 2hour mix consisting of a bunch of Andre Saint-Albin exclusives and originals + a tribute to the legends themselves the Swedish House Mafia. Andre takes on the task of recreating all the exclusives remixes and mashups from the legendary trios Ultra Music Festival surprised return. Sit back and enjoy this episode of Andre Saint-Albin FM & stay tuned for the second-hour show titled AFTER HOURS. #DreFM

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